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Un-insulated Copper Tube

Lugs - Connectors



1-800mm2 Un-insulated Copper Tube Terminals Splices

(Prefi x BT_)


One range of connectors, suitable for voltages up to 6.6kV for use

on copper and tin plated copper conductors with stranded or flexible

annealed construction.


The BT range of connectors are manufactured from high purity

oxygen free copper which are then electro tin plated to prevent

corrosion; this makes them suitable for operating temperatures up

to 150°C.

Each terminal includes a sight hole for visual inspection of the

conductor inserted.

The terminals can be installed with indent or hexagonal compression

systems up to 400mm2 on stranded conductor. Above 400mm2 or on flexible conductors indent compression is required.

Each die set imprints the size of stranded conductor onto the

connector to show that the correct tooling has been applied.

A wide selection of single stud holes and straight splices are

provided and other configurations; two hole and four hole variants

are available on request. All connectors are installed with a single

crimp except where otherwise stated.

Flexible conductors normally have a larger overall diameter than their stranded equivalents – meaning that fl exible conductors often won’t fit into the correct size tube terminals. In this case we recommend using the next size up in the range combined with the Indent crimp dies.

Tube terminals and splices and the associated Crimp Die reference

tables can be seen on the following pages.


Tested and approved to :

  • BS EN 61238 (2003) class A (including short circuit)

  • BS 4579 Part 1

  • BS 7609 (2009) Code of practice for installation un-insulated connectors

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